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Elaine Hollis
Simon is a friend of mine. Simon is also my farrier. I have searched a long time to find a farrier who is not so ego centered that he will not listen and consider my views of the best way to remedy a particular situation for my horse. He has always offered practical solutions. Since he has spent so many years working with the local vet, his opinion is very valuable and usually right on with the same opinion as my vet. Simon is a native to this area and understands how our local climate affects our horses feet as we go through the seasons. Each breed of horse has different characteristics in their hoof structure for their breed and I have found Simon quite good at knowing how to deal with their requirements. When asked for a farrier recommendation, I always say, Simon Musler.
Lesley Peterson
I have a 27 year old Arabian gelding. Simon has been trimming his feet for the past 18 years. My horse's feet have remained sound through all this time. I've been impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism that Simon displays. I would highly recommend him.

-- Lesley Peterson, Cape Coral
Deonna Beckett Waters
Awesome man, great farrier, great friend
Laura Todd
When it comes to horses, Simon is the best. He has always taken care of all the horses we have had. Even if I need him to look at one, he comes right out, never charged me to come, and always put the horses best interest first. Simon Musler is more than a farrier, he will be your friend, and that meant more to me than anything! Trust him, he's the BEST!
Diana Dolan
Reliable, caring.,patient with horses.
Always explains what to expect and what to watch for. Knowledgable
Thomas Pear
Simon is one of the hardest-working people I know!
Linda Mccoy
My family has known Simon for 31+ years. He has been our farrier for almost 25 years!! Simon has been with us through various hoof/leg ailments & injuries for our horses, both at the vets' office & on our property.
Aaron Eubanks
I am very happy with the services Simon renders. Not only does he trim my horses, he has given advice that has helped/saved me, medically. On several occasions, Simon has advised me on hip issues, abcest issues, and fungus issues with their remedies. I definitely endorse Simon's business, as he is an asset as well as am expert in his craft!
Melanie Hegi
Simon is an excellent farrier. He can help horses with complex issues. My horse always had problems after being trimmed, thanks to Simon I was able to ride her right after the trimming.
James Ryan
Great guy does excellent work at a great price
Glynis Dekle
Simon Musler is one of the best farriers that I have ever worked with. He has worked on my horses for over 25 years. From Corrective shoeing to balancing, to diagnosis of issues...Simon is tops. Because of his knowledge and expertise in corrective adjustment and shoeing, he allowed me many additional years of enjoyment from my cutting horse when everyone else...including the vets had given up on him. In my book there is NO ONE better with horses than Simon
Tammie Stille
When we lived in Florida he worked the horses in the barn that we took care of. Some of the horses we cared for werent very nice but he would get them done. :)
Lisa Eaton
Ive known Simon for nearly 30 years. He is a honest hardworking man. He takes pride in everything he does and would treat the horses and the customer with the utmost respect.
Kristin Anderson Caile
Simon is a very hard working farrier. Not only does he do a great job with shaping your horse's feet with percision, but he helps you understand what and why he does what he does. He is a great teacher. I could only trust someone that loves and respects horses as musch as I do and that is why I chose Simon as my farrier. Thanks Simon for keeping my horses feet happy.
Carolyn Hair
I have kown Simon since he was in high school with my oldest son and would recommend him highly.
Susan Leavens
I have known Simon for many years both personal and professional. On a professional basis he is a dedicated professional farrier with exceptional skills. On a personal basis Simon is a very caring person and is most trusthworthy :)
Ann Johnson
If you are looking for an honest, hard working farrier..Simon is your man give him a call for reasonable prices and easy scheduling..
Jeff Klepinger
Has been in business a long time. Knows what he is doing.